Bathroom Remodeling Tips

There are few remodeling projects that bring more satisfaction than a kitchen or bathroom restoration.  It’s so important to think through all the details so there are no regrets after the project is completed.  Here are some tips that may help you plan and prepare for a successful outcome! 1. PLAN AND BE PATIENT Huge […]

Innovative Geometric House

  New Home Concept Designed for Worldwide Production By Nick Caruso RISMEDIA, Saturday, February 27, 2016— This intriguing geometric wonder contains three equally linked houses that all have a 360-degree view and maximum openness. Welcome to the Tetris House, designed by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Universe Architecture).Now ready for production in various countries, the structure is […]

Top 10 Kitchen Trends of 2016

These predictions are from the National Kitchen and Bath Association and are based on popular trends in 2015 that appear to be gaining momentum and are likely to increase in popularity over the next year. 1. Transitional style kitchens that feature a traditional feel with a focus on clean lines and less ornamentation. Popular Transitional […]

Smaller McMansions … Bigger Amenities

There is a current trending downwards in the size of new homes … but downsizing is far from downgrading.  Homeowners have woken up to the fact that it is the quality of one’s lifestyle rather than the grandios size that matters.  Achieving the best use, efficiency and enjoyment out of every room has become the […]

Smart & Trendy Home Updates

Some cutting edge and affordable new products for your home including an absolutely fabulous fireplace that hangs on a wall with crystal embers. A few of my clients have installed these and been thrilled with their decision. Plus a look at some new products coming out over the new few months including a remote-controlled deadbolt […]