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Top 10 Kitchen Trends of 2016

These predictions are from the National Kitchen and Bath Association and are based on popular trends in 2015 that appear to be gaining momentum and are likely to increase in popularity over the next year.

1. Transitional style kitchens that feature a traditional feel with a focus on clean lines and less ornamentation.

Popular Transitional Design Elements include:

  • Shaker Cabinets
  • Squared Counter Top Edges
  • Brushed Chrome and Stainless Hardware
  • Clear Glass Cabinets

2. Gray & White Cabinets mixed in two-toned kitchens.

Most new kitchens today are featuring white of off-white cabinetry which works well with other shades of paint or stained finishes.

3. Pull-outs will continue to be in high demand.

Pull-out trash bin next to sinks, tilt out trays under your sink, pantry pull-outs, and full extension drawers are convenient ways to keep must have items off your counter while still equally accessible.

4. Wood floors Continue to Dominate!

Without fail in the DC metro area, almost all new kitchens feature wood flooring. Keeping the flooring continuous throughout your home makes it feel larger and more spacious.

5. Quartz and Granite are the most popular countertop materials

We even like using natural quartzite slab which has all the movement and beauty of granite and marble with the extra strength of quartz.

6. Outdoor kitchens will grow in popularity

The NKBA says that this trend is the most popular in the Southeast. It’s certainly not a winner in the DC metro area, while the idea is nice since we only get about half a year of enjoyment out of it not many find the investment worth it.

7. Built-in Coffee Stations

Creating designated spaces in your kitchen for what you love is always a good idea. We have done kitchens that feature wine stations, coffee stations and snack stations!

8. Pocket Doors were specified by more than 70% of designers.

While pocket doors are a great way to save space they tend to disappear, we normally reserve them for bathrooms. In kitchens we prefer to make more of a splash with a decorative barn door!

9. Special Pet Spaces!

While we love our furry friends and have designed many a custom space, we have yet to have a request for a custom dog food station, maybe it will be a first for us in 2016!

10.  Docking and Charging Stations are being specified by more than 70% of designers.

A decade ago everyone wanted to include an office space in their kitchen. Now all they need is a charging station!