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Homes for Sale in Kenwood, Chevy Chase, MD | Real Estate

Homes for Sale in Kenwood in Chevy Chase, MD

Some of the most beautiful luxury homes in Washington D.C. are in Kenwood in Chevy Chase Maryland just outside Bethesda MD. But even the stately homes in Kenwood Chevy Chase are outshone for two weeks a year in the Spring. The most beautiful cherry blossoms in Washington DC aren’t along the Tidal Basin but are poised amid these luxury homes in Chevy Chase right in Kenwood located just beyond the D.C. border. Kenwood is renowned for its Japanese cherry trees that dominate the tree-lined streets creating an umbrella of flowers over homes and streetscapes, adding extraordinary beauty to this elegant neighborhood of stately homes.

Here are all the current homes for sale along with recent sales in Kenwood in Chevy Chase Maryland.  If you don’t find what you are searching for … just  EMAIL Lynda O’Dea or call 240.988.4400 to find your ideal home!

About Kenwood in Chevy Chase

For these two magical weeks in the Spring, thousands of people flock to Kenwood in Chevy Chase MD to walk under the fluffy clouds of petals before they seemingly evaporate into thin air. Without a doubt, Kenwood has become one of the most coveted neighborhoods in the entire Washington DC area. At one time, Kenwood was a dairy farm when Kennedy-Chamberlain Development Co. was founded in 1927. The developers became so impressed with the cherry trees around the Tidal Basin that they planted the trees before they built the first house! Membership to Kenwood golf course was offered free as part of purchasing a home in the subdivision. Currently, there are almost 300 houses in Kenwood, mostly large traditional colonials on perfectly manicured lawns. There have been many famous residents who have lived in Kenwood including Vice President Spiro Agnew and several Cabinet secretaries.


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