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M Greenberg | Bought a Condo home in Bethesda, MD.

With Linda’s help I was able to buy the condo of my dreams. Linda is not also smart, she is also very knowledgeable, has great listening skills, and is also low key and truthful. Also, I must add, fun to be with. Linda didn’t waste my time…..the condos she showed were within the guideline of what I was looking for. She made sure to point out any negative I was overlooking but was able to point out real positives in quality and value. Linda encouraged me to really take a good look and think about whether the condo was good for me and the lifestyle I envisioned. I expected the condo hunt to be frustrating but thanks to Linda it was a very wonderful experience. I shouldn’t be surprised, my sister had the same experience with her last year and is happily living in her lovely condo. marilyn Greenberg