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Q1 2012 D.C. Metro Home Prices Trend Higher

The market continues to improve with rising median home sales prices in many areas of the U.S. led by Phoenix, Miami, Tampa, Richmond and Washington D.C. according to statistics published in May by Clear Capital for the period Q1 2012 compared to Q4 2011.  The Washington, DC/Arlington, VA/Alexandria,VA market showed a price increase of 3.6%, with a total 4.7% increase versus the same quarter in 2011.   What was most notable nationwide was the fact that there was very little change  versus one month prior indicating stability may be setting in with one conclusion of the report being that, with the exception of the Midwest… “Long term trends are starting to reflect the shorter term improvements we’ve seen for the past two months, helping to confirm that housing prices appear to be flattening with a bottom in sight.”

With interest rates at unbelievably low historic points and a stabilizing to upward trending market, all indications in the DC metro area point toward this being the perfect time to buy.