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Name Your Selling Price

When deciding to sell your home, you will need to answer the most important question … what is the best possible selling price for your house? Setting a fair asking price as perceived by real estate agents and buyers will create the most interest and property showings. You will need to take into account the condition of your home, the comparable home sales closest to your house, and of course the market conditions in your area. It can be difficult keeping a realistic view since we all love our homes like members of the family! You could consider getting an appraisal to establish a realistic value or have a realtor (like me) give you a detailed analysis and recommendation. There is ANOTHER OPTION assuming you may only want to sell IF you can get YOUR PRICE! Here is a tool for matching up homes with potential buyers. You set your price and we see if we can find a potential buyer interested at that price! Just fill out this form & we’ll get started.