It’s Not Too Late to Decorate for the Holidays, In Fact it Can Help Boost Your Spirit During the Pandemic




  • How Holiday Decorations are Proven to lift your Spirits, and why that is so important for sanity during difficult times likes this pandemic
  • The Best Holiday Decoration Trends of 2020
  • Decorating the house adjusted to current work from home needs



Holiday Decorations and the importance of Nostalgia for Happiness

I think most of us will generally agree that on an average year decorating for the holidays, especially when that includes spending time with loved-ones, is a highlight moment of year. This year should be no different, in fact it may be needed more than ever. That being said, this may be a more difficult times for some than others, I hope all of my readers are safe and healthy during these difficult times and I hope this read can maybe help brighten some spirits for the upcoming holiday. Furthering along our topic of happiness during the holidays, it may not come as a surprise, but did you know that it is scientifically proven that festive decorations can help boost your mood? In fact, it has been proven to be so effective that it is recommended to decorate a bit earlier than you may feel is socially normal. According to psychotherapist and international best-selling author, Amy Morin, “The holidays stir up nostalgic feelings like no other time of the year”. For many nostalgia may on the surface be just a feeling of a warm memory, but did you know nostalgia can help with finding meaning in life and help calm your nerves? With nerves so high in the uncertain future of this pandemic, now more than ever might be the best time to provide yourself with that sense of nostalgia, even if your understandably not in the mood. When it comes to happiness, anything is worth a try.


Top Holiday Decorations of 2020

As anything else these days, yes there are holiday decoration trends! Lets go through some of my personal favorites of this holiday season.

  • First on my List of top 2020 Holiday Decoration Trends, is Cottagecore! For those of you who may not be familiar, Cottagecore is a maximalist vibe with lots of earthy, cozy vibes. Imagine a cottage in the country hills and you’ll be on the right track. See Photo Examples below:



Christmas Cottage

Cozy Christmas room

Classic living room and library New Year interior. Magic glowing Christmas tree, carpet, decorated fireplace and mirror, cozy armchair and gift present boxes in dark at night. Festive holiday evening

  • Next on my list of top Decoration trends of 2020 brings us back to our roots. Think Nostalgic, vintage, and distressed. See Photo Examples Below:

Snow falling against close-up of nutcracker toy solider christmas decoration

Nostalgic Christmas Ornaments


Decorating Your At-Home Work Space

With many of us working from home these days, one of the best ways I can think of to really push yourself into the holiday spirit is to decorate your home work space. Most of us will be spending a majority of each day in front of a screen at home, why not surround the area with holiday décor?!

Decorating your office for the holidays


There’s no right or wrong

All in all, no can blame you if you just aren’t in the holiday spirit this year, after all for many this year has been just about as a bad as one can imagine. However, if you can find the courage and desire to decorate for the holidays this year, it may just help you a bit more than you anticipated. Stay safe, healthy and a happy holidays to all!