The Town of Drummond, Chevy Chase, MD

Home in the Town of Drummond in Chevy Chase Maryland

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Home in the Town of Drummond in Chevy Chase Maryland

 The Town of Drummond in Chevy Chase, MD:

The small town of Drummond, right off of Wisconsin Avenue, is a sought after neighborhood that is directly out of a fairy tale. With just one street, 43 homes and a self-governing tax district, Drummond is a “village”, inside a big town, inside a suburb that is only a few minutes away from a big city! It is truly the best of all worlds.

Established in 1916 and consisting of 1 road with 43 homes, Drummond Avenue is a family paradise. It is a place where neighbors know each other, residents are active in the community, clubs and get togethers are common, kids are playing outside, “the air is pure and sweet and the nights cool and restful.”

As mentioned above, Drummond is a self-governing taxing district. What does that mean?… it means when the silver maple trees lining the streets meet the end of their 90 year life span, they were all replaced with red maples. It means they have their own arborist, snow removal, trash removal, street repairs, lighting, zoning, and leaf collection. Also, there are walking and biking trails connecting the neighborhoods around them with downtown Chevy Chase. These trails help to make it only a 12 minute walk to Friendship Heights and a 20 minute walk to downtown Bethesda.


Quick Facts:

  • Price Range: $1,000,000-3,000,000
    • Average List Price $1,250,000
    • Average Price per SqFt $425
  • Age: 1916-2020

Fun for the Residents: